Revamp Your Bedroom With These 27 Genius Products

A slicker brush for your fave sherpa blanket or rug

Promising review: “Where have these been all my life? We purchased a couple of beautiful charcoal-gray (dyed) sheepskin rugs for both sides of our bed. It used to feel really nice to get out of bed and set your feet on them. But after many years and a couple of dogs, my reaction to putting my feet down is, ‘Ew. What the heck did I just step on?’ Because of the dye, we can’t just wash them or get them too wet. And I’m kind of lazy and forgetful. (Meaning, I’ve been thinking of taking them to a dry cleaner for years — but how much will that cost?) After our puppy had an accident (the worst kind of accident) on one, I knew I had to do something. These rugs weren’t cheap, so tossing them wasn’t an option. I cleaned up the ‘accident’ as best I could, but that left the spot feeling kind of dry and crunchy. So, after reading and googling, I decided to try one of these wire wool brushes. HALLELUJAH! It took some muscle to thoroughly brush each rug, but wow, not only did it re-fluff and revive the wool, but it also pulled up a lot of loose dirt and anything that was stuck to the fibers. I really wish I had gotten this brush sooner!” —Sputnikki

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