This Air Purifier Is Under $40 At Amazon With A Clipped Coupon

“I purchased this because my allergies were going absolutely wild. I’m not a huge believer in pills so I decided to purchase an air purifier. This is simply the best bang for your buck. It’s compact, lightweight, and good looking. The controls are simple to use and understand, the sleep mode actually works, it’s not overly loud, I actually forget it’s on and it ends up staying on for days at a time. The filter is simple to replace, and I know it’s working because over time less and less has shown up in the filter. It works so well Iv’e purchased two for myself and my wife, and 1 for my son. He uses it nearly daily as well. I’ve had this product for over a year now with 0 issues, and like I said it’s on daily and sometimes for several days before I turn it off.” — Tom B.

“So smoke from the wildfires are blanketing most of the eastern U.S. and even though we keep the house closed up and a new filter in the HVAC, we were noticing an ashy taste in our mouths so I figure it was seeping in. It’s a small house with small rooms, so I ordered two of these, and Amazon had them on my doorstep early the next morning. Many thanks for that. It’s only been a few hours since I set them up in the rooms we are using, but I really think they are making a difference already. The air smells better, at least. I wasn’t sure what size to get for the main floor as it’s somewhat open plan but an odd layout out, so I wasn’t sure a larger capacity would circulate well enough to make a difference. At any rate the small size is already doing some good, and I figure two smaller ones allow me to position them for best effect in the odd layout.” — born too late (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review here.)

The Levoit air purifier works very well to purify the air in confined spaces like inside various rooms in one’s home while making hardly any noise at all. It quitely does its work in the background such that it isn’t even noticeable. While so many wildfires rage almost year round now, they release massive amounts of harmful particles that pollute the air over vast distances. You may not even be able to smell the pollutants if you are far enough away, but rest assured those particles are in the air we breathe and are doing harm to the respitory system. It is important to keep the air as clean as possible at least inside the home to reduce the severity of respitory allergies and hopefully avoid diseases of the lung that are caused by polluted air. Having air-purifiers for the home is no longer just an option; it’s absolutely necessary. I highly recommend Levoit air purifiers. I have two of them and am very satisfied with their performance.” — Review

I have a large breed dog and a small bedroom so this air purifier was a must! I ordered it not knowing what to expect and I am amazing. My room never smells like dog and I sleep way better at night. This also helps with pet hair and dust. It is so quiet and easy to use. I light some candles next to it and it swirls the scent around making my room smell SO good. Would definitely recommend. Especially for the price. Very high quality. Love it!” — cj

this air purifier is so great! it’s very quiet even at the strongest level, it’s lightweight and easy to move, it’s small enough to sit on my side table, and the cord is a good length. i live with a cat and dog, both of whom I am allergic to, and I’ve experienced a notable difference in my allergies since getting this air purifier. it’s currently in my bedroom (where I also work from home) and has worked really well, so I would not hesitate to buy a larger unit for the living room in the future.” — Lauren Miller

“Getting this for my bedroom was honestly probably one of the best purchases I’ve made. I live in an old farm house and this air purifier has caught so much dirt, dust, pet hair, etc. It’s so quiet that I forget it’s running most of the time, even on the highest speed setting.” — Casidy

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