World Social Media Day 2024: Know About Its History and Significance

New Delhi, June 30: Our daily lives have been changed by social media, which is now a core part of our lives, signifying a shift in communication and information sharing. World Social Media Day is observed every year on June 30 to celebrate the effects of these global platforms. Social media websites allow us to communicate with loved ones via posts, images and instant messages, even if we are far apart. Today, these platforms have become essential for talking, working together as well as forming communities.

According to a report of Indian Express, Mashable, a worldwide technology and media company founded World Social Media Day in 2010 as a way of acknowledging the changing role of social media in communication all over the world. The emergence of social media occurred at some point around the late 1990s with platforms like SixDegrees that allowed people to create profiles and keep up with friends. Google Play Store Top Free Apps List: Disney+ Hotstar, Instagram, WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook and Telegram Among the Most Downloaded Play Store Apps This Week.

World Social Media Day Origin

World Social Media Day, celebrated on June 30 since its establishment by Mashable in 2010, acknowledges the significant influence of social media on worldwide communication and connectivity. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, Snapchat and X are among the social media platforms that have led to the great growth of the social media industry in recent years. Presently, it is difficult to find anyone who doesn’t use any of the popular social media platforms.

According to Global Statistics, Indians spend an average of 2.36 hours on social media daily. Unlike other observances like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, which have different themes each year, World Social Media Day never has a specific theme for marking the day. Instead, there is always dedication of celebrating how social media has influenced global communication and connection as it is today. X New Feature Update: Elon Musk-Owned Platform May Introduce To Post Content Limited to Specific Geographical Area; Check Details.

Despite the growing concerns about data privacy and misinformation on social media platforms, World Social Media Day encourages us to appreciate the positive contributions of these digital environments. It emphasizes the need for a balanced and responsible approach to using social media. These platforms have become crucial for communication, collaboration and community building, effectively merging the virtual and real worlds and turning the globe into a more interconnected community.

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