This Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller Is 25% Off — But Not For Long

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Nothing adds insult to injury quite like a mosquito bite on a hot summer day. It just feels like punishment for baring skin to stay comfy in the heat, and immediately reminds you, “Hey, remember wearing pants?” Luckily, you can easily repel those mosquitoes without having to cover up with clothes or bug sprays with this rechargeable mosquito repeller by Thermacell. It emits an odorless oil that’s said to repel mosquitoes up to 20 feet from its placement, and according to several user reviews, it really works. “Literally the exact day I started [using this], I [did] not [have] one single mosquito bite,” says user Patricia K. Right now, you can wield that mosquito repelling power for only $29.89, 25% off its typical price of $39.99.

This Thermacell repeller set comes with a repelling device, a 12-hour oil refill and a USB charging cable to keep its power going for up to a claimed 5.5 hours. Customers say it’s been an essential tool to keep on the patio or backyard, and even when camping.

“It actually works!” says Don G. “We’ve tested it by sitting out on our deck without it and getting bit — then placing it on our deck and waiting 15 minutes and then sitting bug-free. We read all of the reviews and found that those who rated it high were right; it works.”

Another reviewer reported their success: “I went camping in the woods and allowed the mosquitos to start coming around first, but once I turned on the Thermacell, they never came near me and my family. I tested this over 2 days.”

If you’re sensitive to bug sprays and you’re looking for a fuss-free way to drive those mosquitoes away, consider this electric repeller for your next outing, and read on for more promising reviews.

Read on for more promising reviews of the Thermacell E55 rechargeable mosquito repeller:

I’ve been looking for a product that I didn’t have to spray on my skin to keep the mosquitos away. I tried candles, sounds, and light they all didn’t work so I was very skeptical about this product. I went camping in the woods and allowed the mosquitos to start coming around first but once I turned on the Thermacell they never came near me and my family. I tested this over the 2 days. The only con was that I wish they made the cartridges larger to hold more fluid but it does last as long as they say on the box.” — Stephen Simon

“I bought this the other day and have used it 4x on my apartment patio in the early morning. I enjoy my coffee and porch time in the early morning but each time I was getting multiple mosquito bites all over. I tried sprays and I tried other things and absolutely nothing worked. Once I started using this, literally the exact day I started it, I have not had one single mosquito bite. I have been telling everyone about this. The refills are easy to find and I ordered one already to make sure I never run out. This is easy to charge. I plug it in all day so in the morning it’s ready. I absolutely love this and so glad I found it.” — Patricia K.

“I can be at a picnic or camping with 50 people, and mosquitos think I’m the one their menu! I’ve used the strong deet repellents but I really dislike all the chemicals. We’ve tried all the other methods, helps some not a lot. I got to the point I wasn’t enjoying being outdoors as much.

Last year I saw my sis use one, so i thought ok! Try it. Bought 2, and it does help a lot. Wind will affect it, but usually if its windy they won’t bother you as much. We camp, fish, garden and spend a lot of time outside. I like its portable, no fire or flame, safe for us and our pets. For what the name brand repellents cost, this has turned out to be a fantastic option for me. I finally am not the one getting swarmed and covered in bug bites!” — J Chaney

It actually works! We’ve tested it by sitting out on our deck without it and getting bit – then placing it on our deck and waiting 15 minutes and then we were sitting bug free. We read all of the reviews and found that those that rated it high were right- it works. Those that rated it low – we learned that when it’s not in use you need to put the cover on the cartridge to prevent evaporation – we’ve placed the cover on the cartridge after use and have not experienced any evaporation. The cartridge is one size – if you buy the 12 hr it will be filled about half, if you purchase the 40 hour it is more filled, so when you get a new cartridge that seems like it is not filled that’s because you bought the lower hour cartridge. We found that Lowe’s had a better selection of cartridges by hour and the price for the cartridges was cheaper. We’ve used this more than a month on our deck, by our pool and on our porch: it does not disappoint.” — Don G

“I sit outside a lot. Deet keeps the mosquitoes away, but irritates my skin. Last year I read about Thermacell and decided it wasn’t for me. This year I did more reading and decided to give it a try. I’m the type of person who attracts lots of blood suckers. I’ve been sitting outside daily for about a month now and have had a total of about 5 bites. Astonishing! I put mine behind a vertical oscilating fan and it seems to work great. I’m a skeptic and so far convinced that this thing works.” — D. Shaner

This is the best Gadget for mosquito prevention. I live near Galveston Bay and the Mosquitos are horrible. I like to sit out in the morning and drink my coffee. Couldn’t do it unless I dozed myself in off. I bought Thermacell with apprehension, but couldn’t be more happy. The only downside is, that the Refills are a little expensive, but still cheaper than an exterminator. I put it on about 10 min before going outside and am so happy, no mosquitos are near. I can enjoy my am’s and pm’s yet again.” — Brigitte

This has been a total game-changer for our outdoor activities. My husband, who is extremely sensitive to bug bites and always seems to attract mosquitoes, has finally found relief! It’s super easy to use and as mentioned in the description, it truly is odorless. Definitely recommend this for anyone wanting to enjoy the outdoors without the constant annoyance of mosquitos.” — Amazon Customer

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