The Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner Is More Than Half Off At Amazon

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Robot vacuums come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but when it comes to the most utilitarian, I say the shorter, the better. A smaller robosucker may sound counterintuitive, but with a shorter height, that vacuum can glide underneath dressers, bed frames and media consoles, and suck debris you’d otherwise miss.

The Lefant robot vacuum cleaner fits the bill, and according to one reviewer, they “don’t have to worry [about] sweeping underneath the couch and other places that are hard to reach” because of it. If stopping those dust bunnies from accumulating underneath those hard-to-reach furnishings sounds good to you (it sure does to me), consider grabbing this automatic cleaner while it’s on sale at 56% off list price, knocking it down to only $88.88 from its usual $199.99 retail. That’s a sub-$100 cleaner that’s way cheaper than hiring a maid.

Although this robot is under $100, it still has a surprising amount of features. It has six cleaning modes with varying degrees of suction power, an app companion that lets you schedule cleaning times and it has anti-collision sensors that prevent it from getting stuck or knocking into walls. You can also pair it with your smart devices and use voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It lasts up to 120 minutes and automatically docks itself to recharge when it’s low on power

One of its unique features is its brushless design. Roller brushes are used to help sweep debris but are often the reason for excessive hair build-up in robot vacuums, which causes tangling and less suction power over time. Because this one lacks a roller brush, you won’t have to constantly de-tangle pet or human hairs from its belly.

“I love this little vacuum,” says reviewer Emily Clark. “It’s very reliable and keeps my pet’s hair under control. It hardly ever gets stuck or wrapped up in cords. 10/10 recommend.”

If you need cleaning assistance, you don’t need to break the bank — at least not today. Get this robot vacuum before its limited-time sale expires and stop putting your back into it.

Read on for more promising reviews of the Lefant robot vacuum cleaner:

“We named our Lefant machine Cbot. Quality is good. I don’t have to worry of sweeping underneath the coach and some other places that’s hard to reach. Battery life is not that long lasting. But it has done its work so all good. I recommend this machine.” — Mary Santos

i was hesitant on buying any form of roomba/robot vacuum, just because of the price and not knowing how well it would work but this one is worth the money! it’s not as expensive as other vacuums but you need to spend a little more for better quality. this vacuum picks up all the pet hair, dirt, crumbs etc leaving nothing behind!” — Alexa Hamilton

“Seriously though I was hesitant on buying a robot vacuum because I’ve heard so many early on negatives but as things have progressed, I have seen the quality this is unbelievable. I recommend this completely. I think that if you have dogs or cats in your house that shed you can turn this on and it will go through and pick up all the dog or cat hair or at least 90% of it. Obviously, you’re gonna have to move furniture or use an actual vacuum or both to get the entire job done but the robot vacuum does 95% of it Five stars is not enough.

OK, here’s the edit; it says 120 minute run time most of the time I have it on carpet boost and powerful mode and I get right at 80 minutes every time I use it and it’s really wonderful to keep up on pet hair, etc. but I still use my corded vacuum a couple times a month.” — Pablo, Juan

I’m very happy with this vacuum. It runs for about 2 hours. Picks up alot of dust and hair. Does a good job with obstacles it will either stop or figure out its stuck and slow down and redirect. It can get tangled on cords. This doesn’t have a roller. I had an old vacuum with a roller, the roller had to be cleaned. Both do a good job cleaning , so im not sure that i have a preference. My old robot vacuum wasn’t as high so it did a better job going under furniture, so that’s a bit disappointing but my fault for not checking the measurements. I havent downloaded the app yet, i just press the button and let it run.” — Mahesh

“Actually purchased this for a friend that can’t get his expensive roomba running. He gave up, so wanted to see how these things work then say here you go. Well, nope, this litter “sucker” is staying here. I am so challenged when it comes to operating these things but it was so easy to set up. Then sat down with the separate remote we purchased to get this thing moving. Set it off the charger & it came to life sounding like R2D2. Had not read how to program a room yet but this vacuum just took off & mapped the room automatically, huh? Wow! It just buzzed around going where it could, not hitting anything since the sensors read everything it gets close to, then it just does these cute turns till it gets around it. Plus it’s amazing how well it tightly hugs around a table leg, could leg that is high enough plus vacuums pretty well. That is the only thing I will slight it for but for this amazing price, so far it works better than our friends $800 roomba at under $100. Did not want that needed Alexa or did mopping, just basic vacuuming. This one is awesome. We laughed so hard when it finished then we pressed the button on the remote to send it home to the docking station. It powers down to a slow speed, spins around to find the docking station then it looks so sad in the way it goes back to its home like a scolded child. So we let it do one more room like it’s human or a good dog. So now it’s a member of the family. Good grief! But this is an awesome basic robotic vacuum!” — Nancy D

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