Pro-Animal License Plate Perfect for Holiday Car Buyers

For Immediate Release:
December 7, 2023

Nicole Perreira 202-483-7382

New York – Car sales rev into high gear in December, thanks to end-of-year discounts and holiday gift-buying, and PETA has the perfect way for New York drivers to ornament their new autos while hitting the brakes on speciesism—the archaic human-supremacist belief that other animals exist for us to exploit. PETA’s specialty license plate proudly proclaims that its owner respects all species and that it’s time to leave animal exploitation in the rearview mirror.

“Other animals feel pain, fear, love, and joy just as humans do, yet speciesism is used to justify experimenting on them; eating them; wearing their skin, hair, and feathers; and many other forms of exploitation,” says PETA Senior Vice President Colleen O’Brien. “PETA urges all kind New Yorkers to deck their cars with this message of equality and respect for all species.”

Application instructions for the specialty plate and fee information are available here.

PETA points out that speciesist attitudes not only cause the suffering and death of billions of animals per year but also accelerate the climate catastrophe and increase the risk of another pandemic. To combat speciesism, PETA urges everyone to only buy products that haven’t been tested on animals, eat and wear vegan, and never visit roadside zoos or other venues that exploit animals for entertainment.

PETA’s motto reads, “Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.” For more information, please visit, listen to The PETA Podcast, or follow the group on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, or Instagram.

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