His and her Bugatti Chiron Super Sports get matching paint schemes

Bugatti is not phased by customer personalization requests, even after cars have left the factory.

As explained in a recent press release from the automaker, a husband and wife ordered Bugatti Chiron Super Sports. The husband’s car was delivered first, but after he saw the custom paint design his wife specified, he sent it back to the factory for a matching version.

The wife’s car features a paint pattern inspired by the Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc, a $2.5 million one-off build that debuted in 2011. This supercar had a highly reflective porcelain finish, the light-bending effect of which is replicated in the two-tone orange and red paint of the Chiron by Bugatti’s Sur Mesure personalization department.

His and her Bugatti Chiron Super Sports

To create this effect—dubbed “Vagues de Lumière” by Bugatti—painters created two-dimensional shapes meant to replicate the lines created by light reflection. These were marked in tape and painted by hand in multiple layers of orange paint over the base red of the bodywork. The same process was used on first Chiron Super Sport produced, which rolled off the production line in 2022.

The husband found the result so impressive that he had his car painted to match. Bugatti notes that it regularly refurbishes or personalizes existing cars, but they’re usually Veyrons or older Chirons—not nearly new cars.

The husband’s car was originally finished in exposed carbon fiber with a 10% black tint and blue accents. The hood, roof, engine cover, and rear wing were all replaced, with a glass Sky View roof substituted for the original opaque panel. The roof isn’t a bolt-on part; the new one had to be freshly bonded to the monocoque. The entire interior was also removed to keep it free from dust.

His and her Bugatti Chiron Super Sports

His and her Bugatti Chiron Super Sports

Blue striping was then painted onto the black-tinted carbon-fiber bodywork. One worker spent four weeks solely on the patterns for the light-mimicking blue lines, according to Bugatti. The wheels also got a new two-tone finish.

Chiron build slots have been sold out since 2022, although Bugatti is still building some of the last examples. It’s also preparing to start production of the Bolide hypercar, and will show a Chiron successor in 2024. But as this Super Sport duo shows, existing cars can still be refreshed and modified into something new.

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