Gunner Flees to West Side Highway in Hell’s Kitchen

On Sunday afternoon, Gunner the horse broke free from a horse-drawn carriage in the New York City neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen. According to the New York Police Department, Gunner fled to the West Side Highway after a mechanic tried to repair a malfunctioning carriage and frightened him. He dragged both carriage and operator with him, reportedly colliding with four vehicles on either side of the road.

After allegedly slipping and falling, Gunner was assisted into a trailer by police. They transported him to Clinton Park Stables for further evaluation. Reportedly, he sustained injuries to his legs and multiple cuts but is in stable condition. This isn’t the first such incident in New York, and it won’t be the last unless swift action is taken to ban horse-drawn carriages.

Horses are sensitive and skittish. Animals and people have been seriously hurt—and even killed—when horses have become spooked and run amok, and making them pull carriages and other loads is cruel. They’re forced to toil in extreme weather conditions, dodge traffic, and pound the pavement all day long. They may develop respiratory ailments from breathing the exhaust fumes of motor vehicles, and they can develop debilitating leg problems due to walking on hard surfaces.

Take Action Now for Gunner and Other Horses

Gunner’s escape is just another reason why horse-drawn carriages should be banned in New York and everywhere else. What can you do to help horses now? Never take carriage rides pulled by them, and explain to your family and friends why they shouldn’t, either. If your city allows horse-drawn carriages on its streets, urge your legislators to propose legislation that will ban them.

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