Google Employee Resigns After Working 18 Years, Slams Sundar Pichai Having ‘Lack of Visionary Leadership’ and Says Company Has ‘Eroded’ Culture

Mumbai, November 24: Google is one of the leading tech companies in the world, with reportedly 1,70,000 to 1,90,000 employees. Google is highly-praised for its work culture and for promoting “unity in diversity” and offering multiple opportunities to grow. This year, the tech giant laid off many employees from multiple departments, but still, the company stood among the top tech companies, ensuring best services possible to its customers and stakeholders. However, some employees prefer not working at Google even if it offered perks and benefits to them.

According to reports, a Google employee with 18 years of working experience quit the job, slammed Sundar Pichai, and showed unhappiness towards the company’s current work culture. He posted a blog online titled “Reflecting on 18 years at Google” and wrote, “I joined Google in October 2005 and handed in my resignation 18 years later. Last week was my last week at Google.” He further added that he was very happy with the early post-IPO Google. He wrote all the people working there were genuine people. Google Pay Starts Charging Rs 3 As Convenience Fees From Users Just Like PhonePe and Paytm.

Former Google Employee About His Experience With Google in 18 Years:

According to Business Insider report, the ex-Google employee, Ian Hickson, published a small blog on Hixie’s Natural Log, calling Google’s culture “eroded” and where “transparency evaporated”. He also wrote about the early times when the people were good and so was the work culture. Ian Hickson further wrote that that “don’t’ be evil” was the guiding principle of the company at that time. He further added, “I found it quite frustrating how teams would be legitimately actively pursuing ideas that would be good for the world, without prioritising short-term Google interests, only to be met with cynicism in the court of public opinion.”. Deepfake Menace: Centre Gives 7-Day Deadline to Social Media Platforms to Address Deepfakes; Rajeev Chandrasekhar Says Govt Will Take Action of 100% Against Violation of IT Rules.

Ian Hickson wrote about how Google’s executives laid off thousands of employees from the company in 2023. He also mentioned that the layoffs were “unforced error driven to buy a short-sighted drive to ensure the stock price would keep growing quarter-to-quarter”. He added it did not follow the erstwhile strategy of Google to “prioritise long-term success”, even leading to short-term losses. The former ex-Google employee expressed that Sundar Pichai had a “lack of visionary leadership” and a “lack of interest in maintaining cultural norms of early Google”. Despite criticising the company’s culture and Sundar Pichai’s leadership, he wrote, “There are still great people at Google,” he had the privilege of working with them.

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