Doctor shares three simple exercises that could help with a double chin

A doctor has revealed three exercises that could help tackle a stubborn double chin.

Regardless of your weight, double chin can target a variety of people often due to genetic predisposition.

Dr Ross Perry, the Medical Director of Cosmedics Skin Clinics, said: “The key factors causing double chin are bone structure, facial anatomy, fat accumulation and loose skin – or a combination of these. 

“So some people may be quite slim with low body fat, yet have a double chin appear easily, due to the lack of projection in their chin and jawline.

“Others may have a good jaw/chin projection yet weight gain causes an accumulation of fat cells, creating a double chin.”

Fortunately, simple exercises could help lift and tighten the skin beneath your chin.


Whether you meet up with your friends or watch something nice on TV, smiling is something you probably already do on a daily basis.

Dr Perry explained that this simple movement keeps the chin area mobile, helping to tighten the skin.

In terms of more focused exercises, the doctor recommended anything that moves and stretches the area beneath the chin.

2.Exaggerated mouth opening 

Dr Perry shared that this exercise as well as yawning movements can help to mobilise your chin. 

3.Tilting your head back

He also recommended tilting your head “gently back and forth”, while opening and closing your mouth to reduce double chin appearance.

The doctor explained that while these exercises can help with your double chin, they have “limited value” in getting rid of it.

He also suggested having a think about procedures and treatments designed predominantly to either remove stubborn pockets of fat in the area or to tighten the skin in the chin and jawline.  

Dr Perry added: “For each of these treatments it is important that patients are assessed properly as there is no one treatment that fits all.”

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