Dentists share best time to clean teeth to avoid ‘softening surface’

When it comes to cleaning our teeth we know it is twice a day, right?

But did you know there is a specific time we should be doing this? Do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?

According to Dr. Sam, Principal Dentist at Dental Boutique, he explained when is the best time for getting those pearly whites.

Speaking to Kidspot, he said: “If people can help it, they should brush before breakfast because the acids from these things make your teeth temporarily weaker and softer across the surface.”

So when it comes to choosing what we have to eat in the morning do you tend to stick to the same or does it depend on how much time you have?

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Dr. Chan and Dr. Sim, co-founders and principal dentists at Dental Boutique it all depends on both these things.

Dr Chan said: “If you consume acidic foods for breakfast, brushing right after can cause damage to your tooth structure.

“In that case, it would be better to wait up to 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after breakfast.”

However, Dr Sim also says brushing before breakfast can help benefit from another reason.

He said: “As a dentist, I would worry that patients may not remember to brush their teeth as a top priority.

“Therefore, my suggestion is to brush before breakfast to ensure you have a routine of waking up and remembering to brush your teeth immediately.

“This also helps to remove any residual plaque build-up or bad breath before breakfast.”

So it seems like brushing your teeth before breakfast is the right thing to do just make sure to wait 30 minutes before having anything to eat.

Do you clean your teeth before or after breakfast?

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