Amazon Finally Releases Its Own AI-Powered Image Generator

Las Vegas, November 29: Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Wednesday joined its rivals in launching Amazon Titan Image Generator that can create new images given a text description or customise existing images. As a content creator, you can now use the image generator to quickly create and refine images using English natural language prompts, the company said.

“You can use the model to easily swap out an existing background to background of a rainforest, or can use the model to seamlessly swap out backgrounds to generate lifestyle images, all while retaining the main subject of the image and to create a few more options,” said Swami Sivasubramanian, Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of Database, Analytics, and Machine Learning, at the ‘re: Invent 2023’ conference here. Amazon AI Chatbot: Tech Giant Launches Q, a Business Chatbot Powered by Generative Artificial Intelligence.

The image generator will help companies in advertising, e-commerce, and media and entertainment to create studio-quality, realistic images in large volumes and at low cost. The model can understand complex prompts with multiple objects and generates relevant images. It is trained on high-quality, diverse data to create more accurate outputs, such as realistic images with inclusive attributes and limited distortions.

“In addition, you can customize the model with proprietary data to generate images consistent with your brand guidelines or to generate images in a specific style, for example, by fine-tuning the model with images from a previous marketing campaign,” the company said.

Titan Image Generator also mitigates harmful content generation to support the responsible use of AI. All images generated by Amazon Titan contain an invisible watermark, by default, designed to help reduce the spread of misinformation by providing a discreet mechanism to identify AI-generated images, said AWS.

The company also introduced two new Amazon Titan multimodal foundation models and Amazon Titan Multimodal Embeddings. “Amazon Titan Text Lite and Amazon Titan Text Express are now generally available in Amazon Bedrock. You can now choose from three available Amazon Titan Text FMs, including Amazon Titan Text Embeddings,” said the company.

Amazon Titan models incorporate 25 years of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) innovation at Amazon and offer a range of high-performing image, multimodal, and text model options through a fully managed API. AWS also announced the availability of Anthropic’s Claude 2.1 foundation model (FM) in Amazon Bedrock.

Last week, Anthropic introduced its latest model, Claude 2.1 with reduced rates of hallucination, improved accuracy over long documents, system prompts, and a beta tool use feature for function calling and workflow orchestration. OnePlus Emerged As Top Android Smartphone Brand During Amazon Great India Festival 2023.

Since launching in June 2023, the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center team of strategists, data scientists, machine learning (ML) engineers, and solutions architects have worked with hundreds of customers worldwide, and helped them ideate, prioritize, and build bespoke solutions that harness the power of generative AI.

Now, AWS has announced the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center Custom Model Programme for Anthropic Claude. Starting in Q1 2024, customers can engage with researchers and ML scientists from the Generative AI Innovation Center to fine-tune Anthropic Claude models securely with their own proprietary data.

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