41 Toys To Buy Now Before They Sell Out During The Holidays

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A singing JJ plush perfect for your CoComelon-obsessed kiddo

Promising review: “My grandson loves CoComelon and JJ. Every time he presses JJ’s tummy, a big smile comes across his face. He’s 16-months-old, and just loves his JJ companion.” — Sag99


A Hatchimals Crystal Flyer Pixie that honestly might actually be sprinkled with fairy dust

Promising review: “Got this as a gift for my niece and she LOVED it! It has provided a lot of entertainment. Very durable.” — Michelle


A surprisingly sturdy indoor slide designed to quickly pop open for entertainment in seconds

Promising review: “My girls (3.5 and 1.5) got on this slide immediately after opening it up and I am not even kidding when I say they played on it for an hour straight. I was surprised at how nice and how sturdy the slide was considering it’s made of cardboard. The girls had a blast playing on it and when it was time to go to bed it took about 15 seconds to fold it up to store until tomorrow. I love that it folds flat for easy storage so if you want it out of the way it can be. Very happy with our purchase!” — Amanda Sobol

A surprisingly mesmerizing fidget cube that can transform into over 70 (!!) shapes

Promising review: “My 11- and 13-year-olds (and me and my 40+-year-old husband) are mesmerized by these. The best thing is to have two of them — you can do so much with them together. Even after days of playing with them for hours, we still discovered new things to do with them. Did I mention they are quiet, not screens, and entertained my children for hours? They seemed a bit pricey when I ordered them, but seeing how much they do, they’re worth it.” — JH


The 2023 Holiday Barbie to add to their collection of gorgeous dolls

Promising review: “Perfect gift for my friend’s 6-year-old. She’s received the ‘Christmas Collector’s Doll’ every year since she was born.” — fob1xxl

An upgraded Tamagotchi to bring back that ’90s nostalgia, but now in an even better version

Promising review: “This was a Christmas gift for my 7-year-old daughter. The interactions are so fun. I think I play with it just as much as her.” — Amazon customer


An LOL O.M.G. doll full of surprises (15 to be exact!) and a box that turns into a dance floor

Promising review: “My daughter just turned 10 and I got her this doll for her birthday and she LOVES it! She loves the LOL Big Sister dolls in general and has more of them than any child needs lol. She had been showing me commercials/ads for the LOL Big Sister Dance dolls so I got her this one for her birthday. It came exactly as pictured and the quality is very nice. Totally worth the price.” — K Nichole


A Lego version of Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter

Promising review: “This was for my son and he loved it. I liked how there were a lot of stickers so it makes the feeling of the X-Wing more real. It is also very sturdy and doesn’t fall apart.” — Ben C. Schmitz


A Pokémon play set that doubles as a backpack so they can take it with them and “catch ’em all” wherever they go!

Promising review: “I absolutely love this toy set! I ordered for my son’s 6th birthday. He absolutely loves all the detail in the different play areas. There are different activities the Pokémon can do in the play set including ‘battling’ with little sling shot type pieces in the arena. This toy is so much fun for young and old! I would highly recommend for anyone!” — Meg


An interactive purse pet with real blinking eyes and over 25 sounds and reactions!

Promising review: “This is a very well-made purse. There is a battery pack inside of the purse that takes up a good amount of space. The design is cute, and the talking and blinking is fun!” — Kim


A Pixicade mobile game maker that is one heckuva futuristic toy

Promising review: “Man I love this thing, but my 8- and 6-year-old sons love it even more. We’re those parents who are a little fanatic about ‘screentime’ with our kids. Let me tell you something, MOST of the time is spent with the kids building their game. The markers, paper, and most importantly their imagination of drawing new games are 90% of the fun because they know that their drawing will eventually ~come to life~ on the iPad. It sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. The different colors are used to create different things that the game automatically recognizes on paper — e.g., use ‘red’ to draw hazards; use ‘green’ to make your character that can move, etc. My boys draw anything and, like magic, the screen brings it to life and the remaining 10% blows their little minds (and the parents minds too). Not really sure how it works, but we have a giant notebook full of different drawings and games, two boys who can’t stop using it, and two parents who are totally OK with this kind of ‘screentime.'” — Lil


A classic wooden doctor’s kit for the budding doctor in your life

Doctor’s kits are a classic role-play toy that help children better understand their own childhood checkups. Roll play encourages imaginative thinking, social skills, questioning and reasoning. This beautiful kit includes a stethoscope, medical bottle, ointment gel, syringe, reflex hammer, thermometer scan, thermometer, tongue depressor and prescription with a doctor’s carrying case. Each item is made using renewable sources and non-toxic paint.

Promising review: “My 3- and 7-year-old play with this for hours. It keeps them entertained and it’s super cute. Durable too.” — Brittany

A unicorn slime kit because the only thing better than playing with slime is customizing your own

Promising review: “This is the best slime kit I’ve come across. I saw it last minute before my daughter’s birthday (11) and thought I’d get it as an add-on to her presents. It ended up being her favorite gift! Her brother (8) joined in and made slime with her and she still has enough to make more of all types.” — Elizabeth & Rick


A puzzling brainteaser to help build concentration skills, problem-solving and logic

JumpIn uses a plastic puzzle board and a booklet of assorted challenges to help develop planning, logic, and problem solving skills.

Promising review: “Wonderful little game! My 9-year-old loves it and it really makes her think! It makes me think, as well! I love that the pieces are all very durable and that they all store neatly away inside the clear plastic lid. A great game for quiet time.” — Malinda E. Miller


A bilingual (English and Spanish) LeapFrog book, which is interactive to help teach kids fun facts about animals

Promising review: “This talking book is hands down the best thing I bought my daughter. She was a bit delayed in speech and since buying this book she’s been spitting out new words left and right. It responds well to touch and the pages are very durable which is great in the hands of a toddler!” — ApL


A box of kinetic sand for all the fun of squishing around in sand without nearly the mess you experience at the beach

Made from 98% sand and 2% polymers, this sand is gluten-free, non-toxic and safe for children three years of age and older. Playing with sand can boost your child’s sensory exploration and creative thinking skills. Playing with kinetic sand will do the same, with far less mess.

Promising review: “I love this sand. It’s so fun to play with, even kind of therapeutic. It shapes well, holds its shape, but is also flowey like water. It reminds me of the properties that water and cornstarch have when mixed. It’s super easy to clean up too.” — Christina


An anatomy set to help your little one learn all about their body, from their bones to muscles and organs

Melissa & Doug’s magnetic anatomy set was designed to help children understand their musculoskeletal system in a charming and approachable way.

Promising review: “This human body set is amazing. I did not know it came anatomically correct. It makes it 100% worth it for us parents using correct terminology for our kids. Now I have a display to help teach my boys about their bodies as they age. Highly recommend.” — Dorothy Binkley

A National Geographic geode kit that will give them the satisfaction of breaking open a seemingly boring rock to discover something beautiful

This comes with geodes, goggles and a display stand.

Promising review: “If you are considering this for your kiddo, please buy! My 8-year-old and I had an absoloute blast! She loves every geode. There was one we got that was more solid and she couldn’t get it open, so I got to smack it with the hammer and honestly it was not only stress-relieving, but it was also fun and beautiful! Would be great as a positive outlet for stress or just for kids who love sparkly things. I’d give this more than five stars if I could!” — Mandii Vi


The bestselling Baby Einstein aquarium crib soother to help lull your baby to sleep with classical melodies

Promising review: “I have a 3-week-old son and I figured I’d try this out and see what happened. This is one of the few things we own that REALLY gets his attention, when he goes down for bed he will intently watch this until it lulls him to sleep. I have a feeling he’s gonna love this thing for years to come. Sound quality is good, and I’ve come to enjoy the white noise myself! Crib light is a very nice touch for us and I use it frequently for diaper changes or to just look at him through the night. Oh and because the strap is so adjustable and versatile it fits on our Arms Reach Co-sleeper bassinet. Love it!!” — Katarina


A pastel rainbow stacker gorgeous enough to be a piece of decor when your kiddo isn’t playing with it

Promising review: “This is a fab toy, it’s just what we needed. Now we have a very happy little person.” — Stuart C.

Banzai Bump N’ Bounce Body Bumpers perfect for those kiddos who have soooo much built-up energy

I’m gonna go ahead and recommend wearing helmets too!

Promising review: “Absolutely hilarious to watch! I got these for my kids (7 & 8) because I thought it would be a perfect way to blow off steam and get out some energy… It was great! They ran at each other pretty hard, but it didn’t pop and no one got hurt! If your kids do a lot of bickering like mine do, get these!” — Sky Moran


A set of three nylon kitchen knives so your budding chef can safely help you out in the kitchen

Promising review: “My 2-year-old was desperate to join me in the kitchen, and I wanted to be sure she was safe. These knives come in three sizes. They are not sharp to the touch but easily cut through most fruits and vegetables! For denser foods like carrots, she needed a bit of assistance, but she was quickly chopping all of the asparagus for dinner!!! We just got these, so I can’t speak to durability, but for the price, these seem like a great value for my little chef!” — Nicholas and Zarya Fogelson


A set of five plastic pipes to make bathtime a little more manageable

Promising review:Our 18-month-old adores these. His older sisters (five and seven) have also been enjoying them in the tub. They work great and stick really well. The only negative is that we have temper tantrums now because baby boy wants to take a bath all the time. We can’t get him out of the tub now!” — JKinSD


A lamb heirloom doll handmade in Peru specifically to become your little one’s newest BFF

Bonus: Every purchase of a doll provides 10 meals to children in need!

Promising review: “It’s beautifully made and I know it will last a long time. My baby is still too little to appreciate it but family members have made several compliments on the craftsmanship and design. It’s expensive, but I like the mission behind the product and that takes some guilt out of buying such an expensive toy, in my opinion. I’d buy this again as a gift to a loved one. Lovely product.” — FatimaEsquivel


The Very Hungry Caterpillar jack-in-the-box toy to bring your favorite story to life

If they don’t already own “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” or “Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus,” they’d make a great addition to this gift!

Promising reviews: (For the caterpillar) “This is a wonderful, reliable pop-up toy. I bought it as a Christmas gift for our grandchildren. We have used this in each of our visits with them since Christmas. It has reliably worked every single time. Our 4-year-old loves to do the whole thing by herself, including putting it back in with the lid snapping shut. Good purchase. Glad we bought it.” — r brandt

(For the pigeon) “My father-in-law is a retired bus driver named Jack, so this jack-in-the-bus fits perfectly. The seafoam color is basically my favorite color, and the color of our nursery. I love this old-fashioned, kooky toy! My twins really enjoy it too.” — Bethany Perl


A splurge-worthy rechargeable laser tag set so you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to play

The set includes four rechargeable guns, four rechargeable vests, and one charging station. You can play approximately eight games per charge. The cool LCD screens on the vest keep count of how many lives you have and the vest vibrates when you get shot, aka tagged. Play with up to four teams and eliminate your enemies to win the game. Recommended for ages 8+.

Promising review: “Pew. Pew. Pew. Pew. My family loves these guns. Last weekend we literally ran around the house and through the woods for two hours playing with these laser guns. There is a stealth mode which is great for hiding and surprise attacks. Pro advice: While you’re running, hit the butt of the handle against your thigh to reload. We set our sensors for 15 lives, and that lasted for about 20–30 min per each game. Great family fun, and you can play during the day or night.” — Steve Austin


Bluey figurines, which will bring the characters from their fave show to life

“‘Bluey is my personal go-to serotonin boost and genuinely my favorite show of all time. My parent friends recommended it to me and first introduced the show with the episode ‘Grannies.’ I have since become a ride or die ‘Bluey’ fan! My husband got me these dolls for Christmas and it was, I’m not exaggerating here, the HAPPIEST Christmas gift I’ve ever been given. These little dolls now have a place of honor in our home.” — Mallory Mower

Promising review: “My daughter loves this show and I find myself often hysterical while watching it as well. It’s so funny and cute. These little figurines are from her favorite episode about grandmas. They are well made, small, and come with the right accessories — perfect for little hands.” — Ella

A set of 50,000 (!!) water beads that expand into jelly-like balls when they’re soaked in water

People also use these for fun games with kids, making stress balls and home decorating.

Promising review: “EXCELLENT value and they work perfectly! The kids are having so much fun with them and even added them to SLIME! Highly recommend, will be ordering these as gifts too. A little goes a long way, they arrive in a small container but make a huge amount!” — Jason


A tin tea set, which will upgrade tea time to something worthy of being in a fancy shop in London

Each set includes 15 pieces. You’ll get a teapot, four plates, four cups, four saucers, a serving tray and a carrying case.

Promising review: “We gave this tea set to our 3 1/2-year-old granddaughter for Christmas and she loved it. The set is made of metal and is durable. The case is very cute. She is into the fairies!” — Beverly Ozane

Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

An indoor ball pit so they can have all the fun they would at the Chuck E. Cheese

“Obviously this precious ball pit is intended for actual HUMAN children, but my millennial pet parent heart couldn’t help but get this for my house! I hide my cats’ favorite treats in the bottom and they will dig around for ages trying to find them all. It’s not designed to withstand pet nails, but it’s held up really well. I can’t rave about it enough!” — Mallory Mower

Minnidip is a small business started by Emily Vaca that makes designer inflatables for adults and kids (and cats!) alike. The products are trendsetting and oh so fun! Plus, the entire site is 20% off for small business Saturday! Be sure to check out all the ball pit colors available!

American Girl

A Kaya American Girl Doll to bring you back to your childhood

Promising review: “A beautiful doll with an important message; being brave and strong while focusing on family and friends. The details are amazing! Her outfit is realistic and beautifully made. Her stories are so engaging and impactful. Truly a forever friend for anyone.” — NYC Girl

A bestselling Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy with an easy-to-grasp handle, mesmerizing twinkly lights,and catchy, classical melodies

Promising review:Best $ spent! This product is a life saver. We take this with us on car rides, to restaurants, shopping, or just in the house. Nothing distracts my son and entertains him like this toy. The combination of music and lights is perfect — not too overwhelming. I would have easily paid double considering how often we use it and how it takes him from crying to calm instantly. I like the two different volumes so you can still hear the music if you are in a louder environment. My only complaint is the songs are too short, you constantly are pushing the button for the next song.” — Einat

A foam pogo jumper safer than a traditional pogo stick, but still just as fun!!

Promising review: “I ordered these as a last minute addition to the pile of Christmas gifts my kids opened this year. These stole the show. I’m so glad that I found something to keep them active indoors! Five days later, they still haven’t put them down. We just ordered four more for friends/family!” — Joe C.

A miniature baking set to put the Easy Bake Oven’s lightbulb cooking to shame

The set comes with a storage tin, rolling pin, wee knife, pizza/dough cutter, mixing spoon, three wee spoons, mixing bowl, pizza/pie pan, pie server, sheet pan, silicone cake and cupcake molds, two silicone finger mitts and 48-page recipe book.

Promising review:This keeps my daughter busy for HOURS!My daughter saw this online somewhere, and she asked for it as a birthday gift. I expected it to be cute, but not useful. As it turns out, I was completely wrong. She has regularly made mini chocolate chip cookies, and she’ll be doing mini calzones tomorrow. It’s adorable and the recipes totally work. She and her friends LOVE it.” — Elura C. Kish


A Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl-After Cat On a Vac that’ll encourage tots to crawl, scoot or walk by playing songs

Former BuzzFeed writer Chandni Reddy has this and says, “This was the hit toy in our house coming out of Christmas! The kitty and the vac are going to be your family’s new favorite musical duo. While the songs it plays are short, they are all bangers with super catchy beats. (Even the song that’s just the auto-tuned cat saying “Meow!) Push the cat’s head down, pull the vac back, or forward for different tunes and to send it careening across the floor.”

Promising review: “This cat has it all. It sings, it moves, it lights up, it is a delight all the way around. There’s no motor so don’t expect it to actually vacuum your home. What it lacks in horsepower it makes up for in tunes. You’ll be tapping your toes for days as your child learns the joys of counting and cleaning. There’s even a song exclusively written in meows for all you classy cats and kittens out there. I give 5 stars.” — Maxwell

A marble run set to not only entertain while the marbles are going down, but also while building the set

Promising reviews:My 5- and 3-year-olds (and me) have spent hours building towers and watching marbles clatter down these chutes, steps, gears and spirals, HOURS! And they’re not bored yet! It’s also educational learning the physics of slopes by experience. Plus, it comes with enough marbles that losing a few doesn’t matter.” — Joyce Parker

This is a really neat toy that has provided literally hours and hours of enjoyment for my 4-year-old nephew. (And me!) The pieces fit well together, it is very sturdy and stands up well even on carpet. There are an infinite number of ways to build these runs, and this toy never gets boring. Highly recommended.” — Becca

The Big Dig Sandbox Digger excavator crane, a dream toy for the construction lovers in your life

Promising reviews:“We got this for our son’s third birthday and he LOVES it! He had been asking for a ride on ‘scooper dumper’ since before Christmas, so we were happy when we found this option for him. I was pleasantly surprised that he was able to get a hang of it right away, it will last him a long time. Our 5-year-old daughter also enjoys playing with it. It’s very sturdy and they enjoy that it’s on wheels. Since we got this in the winter, we have it in the house and put foam blocks in a box that they can scoop out of. Very glad we choose to go with this style instead of the smaller ones that are like the ride on cars, this won’t outgrow the kids nearly as fast. Assembly was quick and easy.CG

“Grandkids love this!! Have had it for about one year and had to replace one broken screw. Very easy to put together. I’m 62-year-old Grammy and did it with no problem! And 3-year-old twins are using it…it actually digs dirt and rocks…easy for them to drag around yard. I’m really surprised this has lasted this long and still looks good.” — Julie Paulk


A sink with a working faucet and real running water to get your kiddos excited to wash dishes

Iit recirculates water stored in a tank under the sink so they can play for hours without wasting water.

Promising review:My 3-year-old daughter absolutely loves this sink. She got this for her third birthday and it was the best present she received. She puts all her play food and dishes in this sink and scrubs and scrubs away. She also loves to wash her hands in this sink with her pretend soap. This sink works perfectly and was easy to assemble. The key is to make sure you fill up the sink with as much water as asked or it will not come out of the spout. We love it so much I plan to buy three more for my nieces and nephew.” — Marissa

A not-as-noisy-as-it-looks VTech electronic drum set so your kiddo can break out a drum solo that won’t end with a noise complaint from your neighbors

Promising review: “There are times when you know your kid is going to love something so much that you overlook just how very ridiculously annoying that thing can be? Well, I’m sure glad I took a gamble! This toy is not really as annoying as I thought it would be. I haven’t needed to hide it away or remove the batteries. In fact, I’ve recommended it in my mommy group to moms with other toddlers my kid’s age. My son has yet to figure out how to change the volume but even in the loudest setting, it isn’t super loud. Just loud enough. I can’t hear it when he plays with it and I’m in the next room. — captainmaddux


A Polly Pocket unicorn party play set that comes with 25 surprises for your kiddo to uncover

Promising review: “All I can say is WOW!!! As an original Polly Pocket fan from back in the day I would have DIED to get this as a kid! There are soooo many fun surprises in this thing! My daughter couldn’t believe her eyes! You get so many versatile pieces — there’s all kind of cute little things you can put on necklaces or rings (anything with the little heart on the bottom can go on a ring) my little one plays with this all the time and loves switching out her jewelry with the different little pieces! The only con is be careful when you open it — there’s tons of confetti in the things! So make sure you are over a trash can or have the vacuum ready :).” — Amazon customer

A rainbow-colored saucer swing perfect for indoors or outdoors

Promising review: “So first off my kids LOVE this swing! It has been one of the greatest purchases I have made so far for their playroom!!! We use it inside to keep them busy on rainy days or when they need to get their energy out! I give the swing itself five stars for sure!!!!” — Samantha Brooke Main

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