4-In-1 AC Unit Is Currently Its Lowest Price Of The Year

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Portable air conditioners are often gargantuan devices, pulled from the depths of your storage in time for summer and used only a few months before swapping with a space heater in winter. Instead of letting that appliance hog precious space for half the year, opt for this 4-in-1 unit you won’t have to stow because of how useful it is year-round. Not only is it an AC unit, but it’s also a heater, dehumidifier and fan — serving four functions in one wheeled appliance. Reviewers say it’s easy to install and push, won’t vibrate the floor or make too much noise and works just as well as an air conditioner as it does a heater. Per our sales tracking, it spiked to $399.99, but just dropped in price to $341.99 this month — the lowest price of the year. That’s 15% off this 4-in-1 unit that’s “worth every penny” according to several reviewers.

The SereneLife portable AC unit is designed to cover areas up to 450 square feet and comes with a mounting kit, exhaust and remote control for easy operation. It has three modes to customize the air circulation and fan speed and features a washable air filter so you can clean away eventual dust.

Several reviewers noted that this is the AC that’s saving them during this year’s heat wave! “We live in an apartment with a low quality wall AC unit in our living room, and so the bedrooms can get dreadfully hot in the summer,” reviewer Ben wrote. “I got this right after moving and it’s been amazing. We’re in the middle of a heat wave but my bedroom is a glorious 68F (20C) degrees.” One reviewer also noted this is the “best AC unit we have owned” and reports that its noise level is fairly quiet. “We use the AC pretty much year round because my husband sweats and runs warmer than an average person.”

Outside of beating the summer heat, some say they’ve used their unit to dehumidify their bathrooms, and others report using it to cool enclosed places like tents and RVs. One particular user says they’re keeping theirs ready in case of power outages. The bundling of so many other appliances helps save space, time and money.

If you’re looking for that all-in-one AC unit for year-round comfort, consider this appliance before it jumps back up in price, and read on for more promising reviews.

Read on for more promising reviews of the SereneLife portable 4-in-1 air conditioning unit:

Item arrived during heat wave. [Item] was securely packaged ,window piece was just the right size one inch bigger would have been a problem. Be sure you know your size needed. After reading enclosed manual set up was very easy. [In] appx.15 minutes it was installed and running. [The] cold air was a pleasure to feel. as of now I have nothing but praise for this unit .I’m happy with my purchase Dan Thompson” — Dan T.

“The community I live in barely has any air conditioning reach to the master bedroom upstairs. I’ve been suffering for years! My daughter put me on to this, and oh my God, what a lifesaver has been! Run & put it in your cart!” — Kay Aay

We purchased this to use in our Bell Tent. The Bell tent has a stove jack built in, so we can use this in the summer and a wood burning stove in the winter. This should make camping in the Deep South during summer a lot more enjoyable. We will use this during power outages. Our generator isn’t large enough to power our homes A/C, but it is plenty powerful to handle this portable unit. We have a room that we all can sleep in comfortable and with the portable A/C keeping that room cool will be a big benefit.” — Michael G (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review here.)

I was nervous but this was VERY easy to install myself AND I didn’t need extra supplies. From the review online it was unclear if I needed an additional hose but I did not. Everything needed was in the box and it was ready to go. The instructions are inside the hose and no additional hose is needed. Installing in the window with the adjusting window attachment took some time to ensure security in my window but the attachment supplied worked well I just needed to seat it in my window properly.

It is larger than expected but I also didn’t realize that it was a fan and dehumidifier as well so it’s an added benefit for the money to me. Instructions are clear and so far so good. As soon as it got here I installed and it’s going great so far. It’s been on for 30 minutes and the room is cooler. So far no leaks and it arrived fully assembled and ready to go. Remote control had batteries and we aren’t anticipating having to move it but are glad it’s portable. So far so good.” — K Moffett

I am extremely happy with my purchase of the SLPA8 AC unit from Serene Life. It works well cooling my 10×10 office with a builder grade 60 x 48 inch southeast facing window. Last summer it was unbearable here (Seattle) with temperatures reaching 100 deg F. or more for many days. Since installing the AC unit I am able to instantly cool the office when needed. I find that I do not need to run it all the time, only long enough to be comfortable… usually 15 to 20 minutes at a time providing 1 to 2 hours of comfortable conditions. I seldom use the high setting as low is quite cool.” — Eric L (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review here.)

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