38 Pieces Of Festive Holiday Decor For Your Home

The branches are flexible so you can arrange them to your liking, and they come with a UL-certificated and waterproof adapter.

Promising review: “These trees are a BARGAIN for the money! They’re neatly packaged and go together in about a minute. Shaping the branches took maybe five minutes. I have an 8’ in the primary bedroom, another 8’ for my library, and the set (8’, 6’, and 4’) for the living room. I’m going to purchase another 8’ for my front porch, and another set of three for my lanai. They may be plastic, but they look beautiful, and they feel sturdy. Even though I also do a traditional tree, I love that these birches look gorgeous with very few decorations! They’re festive for really any season, so I’m likely going to just un-decorate and leave-up the one in my primary bedroom. If you’re on the fence about these, I’d say just do it! You won’t regret it!” — Thom Lundy

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